Jackson Wrestling
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Jackson Takedown Club
PO Box 1037
Massillon, OH 44648

Jackson Wrestling:
Youth Head Coach:
Dominic Golembiewski
High School Head Coach:
Ronnie Hepner
Middle School Head Coach:
Chris Tracy

Take Down Club:
Jeff Dimos
Vice President:
Kurt Gwin 
Jessica Fries
Jen Golembiewski
High School Representative:
Misty Tolarchyk
Middle School Representative:
Gerald Dietz
Youth Representative:
Amy Svab
Jake Weingart, Patrick Dillon

The Jackson Takedown Club has a limited amount of financial aid available based upon need.  Parents or Guardians can apply for financial aid, which will cover all or part of the registration fees for the specified player.  Each request will be reviewed by the Jackson Takedown Club Board and decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

To apply for Financial Aid, please fill out this Form and turn in to your team rep:

Jackson Takedown Club Financial Aid Form